Time Sync Unit

The Time Synchronization Unit (TCU100) is a device for synchronizing multiple computer devices in an unattended system with the same reference time. The unmanned system is equipped with a navigation sensor, the time synchronizing unit of FM can share GPS antenna signals from the navigation sensor, and time service can be provided using a precision timer of the time synchronizing unit. The time information in nanoseconds is provided by RS-485 communication on up to 320 nodes, and the time information can be reliably serviced even when GPS signals cannot be received. TCU100 can be operated alone, and time synchronization between computers connected or not connected to TCU100 can be achieved using Time Synchronization SW. Applying TCU100 is essential if you need to manage system latency based on precise time synchronization between computers or processors within an unattended system. 

Time Synchronization Design

Hybrid Time Sync Unit

GPS Ant. Splitter

CAN2.0 x 2     CAN-FD x 1

Ethernet x 1      RS-485 x 1

TSU Size