Remote Control Unit

Remote Control Unit (RCU) is a device that remotely controls and monitors unmanned systems and robots. RCU400 comes with a built-in wireless device for wireless communication, a hot-swap battery. Do you still make robots, and do you have controls to control them? Or do you use a game joystick in your laptop? RCU400 has a dual design for Redundancy, and you can connect a high-gain antenna for long-distance applications. If you still haven't decided which remote control to use for controlling and monitoring unmanned systems, select FM's RCU400 for a wide range of applications. 

FME's RCU is ....

Redundancy Design

Battery Hot Swap

Long range Ant. Connection


Two or Four Mil-spec Joystick

Sunlight Readable TFT LCD

Long range Wireless LAN

Handle for Hand carry or Desk Mount

You can easily develop

remote control software

for unmanned system!

RCU product Line-up

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