About us


FutureMan Electronics was founded in 2002 to commercialize the 3D LIDAR-technologies and EMSS. FutureMan Electronics is an industry leader in developing innivative sensor, software and robotics technologies for the Autonomous and Unmanded Robot market. Many of these proven technologies have direct application in machine automation and robotics on Earth. Markets such as aerospace, marine, mining, oil and gas, construction, transportation, and perimeter security are increasingly turning to advanced sensors and robotics to improve safety and productivity, and reduce costs.

FutureMan Electronics develops and customizes innovative 3D perception products(PANORAMA LIDAR) for the Robotics, Autonomous and Anti-Collision Systems market.

FutureMan Electronics has multidisciplinary teams with extensive R&D, manufacturing and commercialization expertise to focus on developing products that solve real-world customer problems in terrestrial markets. Our solutions comprise a family of 3D LIDAR (3D real-time intelligent)advanced software tools that enable autonomous robotic operations through automatic change detection and object recognition and tracking function. Together, these ready-to-use "building blocks" make it easy to integrate intelligent real-time 3D perception applications for mobile platforms and static applications for monitoring and measuring parameters in harsh environments.

FutureMan Electronics is at the forefront of every aspect of unmanned Systems. Our advanced platforms and technologies offer customers a wide range of new capabilities-Resulting in greater safety, reduced costs, and improved mission effectiveness. That’s why we’re  the leader in Unmanned Systems.


Futureman Electronics pursuits Digital nomad, We try to help  FM employee realize remote work at anytime, anywhere


Futureman Electronics has established and operated an efficient working system for remote work and collaboration. 


Futureman Electronics has established and operated an efficient working system for remote work and collaboration.